Welcome to Slide Candy’s website terms and conditions. We know T’s & C’s can be long and time consuming to read but please have a look through; they’re not as long winded as you may think…
1 Booking with Slide Candy
1.1 As soon as the client has confirmed the rental reservation on Slide Candy’s website and by ticking the box stating “I accept the terms and conditions of the rental agreement”, the client has agreed to the terms and conditions below and entered into a rental contract with Slide Candy.

1.2 The client becomes responsible for any theft; loss or damage of any equipment rented once the equipment has been fitted and confirmed by a Slide Candy member of staff.

1.3 The client remains responsible for the equipment until the end of the designated rental period as agreed by the client’s reservation with Slide Candy.

1.4 The client must be 16 years of age or older to make a booking online with Slide Candy.

1.5 The initial rental period agreed may be extended, only if the equipment is available and is not subject to a prior reservation by another party. Slide Candy cannot guarantee supply of the same, or indeed any equipment, particularly during busy periods such as school holidays without a prior reservation.

1.6 The client information provided by the person making the booking on behalf of the group (height, weight, ability level) is used to calculate the DIN settings for each individual ski. The DIN setting controls a vital safety mechanism in the ski binding. Strict policies and procedures are in place to make every effort to verify the accuracy of information given to Slide Candy in order to ensure the highest safety standards. However Slide Candy cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury arising from inaccurate information given by, or on behalf of the client either during the booking process or during the holiday.
2 Pricing
2.1 Our online prices are automatically discounted by 30% for all online orders from our In-resort prices.

2.2 Adults and kids helmet hire and optional equipment insurance are not subject to discounts and are charged at full in-resort prices.

2.3 Slide Candy aims to make our prices the most competitive in the Méribel valley and La Tania. If you find the same ski and snowboard rental products delivered for a lower price in the Méribel valley and La Tania and available for the same rental period, we WILL refund you the difference. The rental product must be available in the same make, model, year and size and for the same period that you have booked with Slide Candy. Our guarantee is valid until the last day of your rental-booking period.

2.4 All prices include TVA at the current rate (20%)

2.5 Slidecandy equipment hire is subject to a 2 day rental minimum.
3 Specific equipment availability
3.1 Slide Candy endeavors to provide specific makes or models of ski or ski boot where requested. Slide Candy does not under any circumstances guarantee a specific make or model, particularly with late bookings or during busy rental periods such as school holidays.

3.2 In the event that a specific make or model of ski or boot is not available Slide Candy will substitute with a similar model or if unavailable, upgrade the client free of charge to the next category where appropriate.
4 Use of rental equipment
4.1 In the event that Slide Candy property under rental agreement is damaged due to improper use, or misadventure, Slide Candy reserves the right to charge for the full cost of repair or replacement. Slide Candy will provide a receipt and letter detailing the costs for the purposes of the client’s own private insurance claim.

4.2 All equipment rented must be used solely for the named client and not lent or rented out to any other party.

4.3 The client agrees to use the equipment for its intended purpose only. The client will not participate in any activity that may result in damage of the rental equipment (e.g. skiing on roads, closed pistes, rail sliding on any object other than rails intended for that purpose in a designated snow park area, etc.)

4.4 The client understands that skiing and snowboarding is a dangerous activity with the possibility of personal injury or death. The client accepts that neither Slide Candy nor any of its employees or equipment are in any way, under any circumstances responsible for any loss or personal injury resulting from their rental contract with Slide Candy.
5 Equipment exchanges and collection/returns
5.1 If you require a change of kit please ensure you call us on +33 (0)4 79 06 81 38 before 6pm (French time) to guarantee the equipment exchange in time for your following day on the mountain.

5.2 All equipment should be available for collection from the clients’ accommodation on the agreed return date, according to the rental contract. Should the client return the equipment late, Slide Candy reserves the right to charge the full rental amount for the period of non-return.

5.3 Should the client fail to return any or all of the rented equipment, Slide Candy reserves the right to charge for a full replacement cost plus any losses incurred by Slide Candy due to the non-return of the equipment.

5.4 All rental equipment returned to Slide Candy at the end of the rental period must be the property of Slide Candy, and the exact make, model and bar code originally rented to the client.
6 Equipment Insurance/Lost, stolen or damaged equipment.
6.1 Slide Candy insurance covers all equipment rented from Slide Candy in the event of the following:
  • Theft where reasonable precautions have been taken to protect or prevent the equipment from being stolen.

  • Loss, where reasonable effort has been made to recuperate the lost equipment.

  • Accidental damage or breakage except where there is deemed to have been negligent use of the equipment or where it has been used for anything other than skiing/snowboarding on snow.
In the event of lost or stolen equipment a Police Report must be obtained from the Police Station and presented to Slide Candy in order to validate the insurance claim with Slide Candy.

If the client chooses to decline the cover offered by Slide Candy, the client assumes full financial responsibility for the equipment hired.

There is NO EXCESS applicable for Slide Candy equipment insurance.

6.2 In the event that Slide Candy property is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair during the rental period agreed by the client, Slide Candy reserves the right to charge the full replacement cost of the equipment where the client has declined Slide Candy’s equipment insurance. Slide Candy will provide a receipt and letter for the client’s own private insurance claim purposes.
7 Cancellation and refund policy
7.1 Reservations (part or full) may be cancelled up to 14 days before the arrival date. Slide Candy will provide a refund for all equipment reserved outside the 14 day notice period, however any credit card transaction fees charged will not be refunded. Should you need to cancel within the 14 day cancellation period, please call our office to arrange for a copy of your receipt for holiday insurance claim purposes.

7.2 In the event of poor snow/weather conditions Slide Candy will not under any circumstances refund any equipment rented for that period. Cancellations are only applicable 14 days before the rental period begins.

7.3 In the event of injury preventing the continued use of the equipment rented, a refund for the remaining days rental costs can be claimed, upon return of all the equipment and receipt of a copy of a doctor’s certificate from the local medical centre.

7.4 In the event of cancellation or curtailment of your rental contract with Slide Candy due to Covid19 causing either border closure, lift closure or resort closure, Slide Candy will offer a full refund, not including any credit card fees applicable.

7.5 In the event that either yourself or one of your party on the slide candy booking is medically or legally unable to use your equipment due to covid19 in accordance with current guidelines in France at the time of your visit, Slide Candy will offer a refund upon receipt of written proof.
8 Promotional discounts
8.1 Slide Candy may at times offer special promotional discounts for set periods. Slide Candy is not able to offer a refund for the difference in price for any bookings made outside the promotional period. Extra discount offers are deducted from the online price. Adult and kids helmet hire and optional equipment insurance are not subject to discounts and are charged at full in-resort prices. Extra discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with each other.

We pride ourselves on our standards of customer service and endeavour to immediately resolve any complaint brought to our attention to the customer’s satisfaction.